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Jeffrey Liggio

Our Force Placed Insurance Class Action. When lenders want to protect their interest in vehicles.

Let me begin by apologizing for the very long delay in blog posts…..I’m a busy, practicing Trial Lawyer, who occasionally blogs, and not a professional blogger who ghosts writes a blog…..  Still I’ll try to post more often. Yesterday, the […]

Jeffrey Liggio

Continental Airbags Class Action

Several weeks ago, our terrific team, filed suit on behalf of 2008 – 2010 Honda Accord Owners regarding their Airbag systems (SRS). This system is not a Takata system, but is instead manufactured by Continental.  We learned today that the […]

Jeffrey Liggio

Medical Bill balance billing

Here’s the scenario: You get healthcare, you give the healthcare provider your insurance card (automobile insurance after an accident, or health insurance/HMO otherwise). The insurance company/HMO pays the provider what it wants to pay (that determination is another subject completely!) […]

Jeffrey Liggio

No trial lawyer is an island, you just can’t do this stuff alone

We are rather heavily involved in class action litigation of all types.  Very rarely do we handle a class action without teaming up with other experienced law firms.  The amount of work, paper, and expense involved in most class actions […]

Jeffrey Liggio

Lawsuits Against Mortgage Servicers

We have been involved, for some time now, in two class action cases against a company that was formerly known as “American Home Mortgage Servicing”, they changed their name to “Homeward” (hah!), and they were eventually purchased and merged with […]