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Jeffrey Liggio

Our Force Placed Insurance Class Action. When lenders want to protect their interest in vehicles.

Let me begin by apologizing for the very long delay in blog posts…..I’m a busy, practicing Trial Lawyer, who occasionally blogs, and not a professional blogger who ghosts writes a blog…..  Still I’ll try to post more often. Yesterday, the […]

Jeffrey Liggio

Reverse Mortgages and Mortgage Servicing: What we continue to learn is disturbing

Last September, I posted about reverse mortgages here. We agreed to represent our client, Mrs. Gravlin 4 days before the trial was scheduled in the foreclosure action.  She had a reverse mortgage, they were foreclosing on her (despite what you […]

Jeffrey Liggio

Reverse Mortgages…. remember the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true…..??

Robert Wagner, Fred Thompson, Henry Winkler…. those TV commercials pitching reverse mortgages… What could go wrong? Actually, a lot: New York Times CBS News Consumer’s Union (PDF) Recently we’ve agreed to help Mrs. Gravlin who was placed into foreclosure as a […]