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Obesity Obsession – Dangers revealed in Diet Pills

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Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology 30% of adults are obese and 65% overweight.

As the population reaches out for a quick fix or “hope in a bottle” dietary supplement manufacturers are producing products to meet the demand of this 55.4 billion dollar industry.

On June 1, 2008 the FDA began to roll out a three year rule calling for stricter regulations on Dietary Supplements after being flooded with reports of serious illness injury and death associated with unregulated Dietary Supplements. Like getting the horse back in the barn this has and will be a daunting task. Essentially the FDA has asked the very manufactures who may have manufactured and sold dangerous products to “regulate” themselves and implement safety protocols to ensure product efficacy and safety. One of the changes in the Rule involves mandatory reporting of serious illness or death which has been done through MedWatch. Apparently it is working. As the reports roll in so do the warnings to the manufacturers.

On May 1, 2009,Iovate the Canadian based company who distributes the popular diet pill Hydroxycut, has issued a voluntarily recall of Hydroxycut-branded products due to reports of illness and death associated with the product however are only doing this in an “abundance of caution” with no proof certain that the products are harmful. The alerts cites “23 reports (to MedWatch) over more than seven years about consumers having experienced serious liver-related problems coinciding with the time they were taking Hydroxycut-branded products. The advisory states that, “Although the liver damage appears to be relatively rare, FDA believes consumers should not be exposed to unnecessary risk. “

This is similar to what we recently saw in another popular Diet Pill manufacturer who “cooperated” with the FDA and issued a partial recall after several batches were found to have contained a banned pharmaceutical.

Iovate states on their website that “We conduct internal analyses of individual ingredients, and undertake extensive medical, scientific and toxicological literature reviews on the safety of the ingredients during the development stage of each product. Additionally, third-party experts from the leading independent scientific firm specializing in ingredient assessment, toxicology and product safety for the nutritional and pharmaceutical industry review the safety of Iovate’s ingredients and formulas before products are introduced in the marketplace. Only after this external review is completed does Iovate release a formula.”

They have offered to reimburse consumers the cost of the unused product due to the voluntarily recall.

For a list of products being recalled by Iovate and the latest information posted by the FDA please visit: