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Subway Falls Short a Half Inch — OMG!

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I know many lawyers who truly fight the good fight and along the way try to both protect consumers and make a living. I see that as an honorable profession.

Some of those lawyers have even brought class action lawsuits that resulted in the compensation of truly victimized people; who had fallen prey to corporations who sometimes are willing to sacrifice consumers in the corporations' pursuit of profit.

This lawsuit does not fall in the category of righteous, necessary or in the interests of consumers — in my humble opinion.

Lawyer Stephen DeNittis and two New Jersey men have filed suit against Subway.

Glass in a sandwich? Spoiled meat causing food poisoning? Using lettuce harvested by (4) year old slave labor?

Nope, Lawyer Denittis and his clients are taking on Subway over a half an inch.

Apparently Denittis and his clients have toured some of the Subway shops with yardstick in hand and, yes my fellow Americans, Subway's subs did not measure up to Lawyer Denittis' expectations.

So, the lawyer sued Subway and wants the court to declare it a class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits can be a justified tool in trying to compensate consumers who do not have the power to stand up to corporations, But, let's look at the type of class action lawsuit that involves a "half inch". This class of class action typically involves consumers getting a coupon, lead plaintiffs making a few bucks, and the lawyers making a bunch of money in fees.

Is it about a half inch? Is it about a significant injustice to consumers? No, its about attorney fees.

I think anyone who is objective about most lawsuits will find them to be justified, but a lawsuit over a $5 submarine sandwich that is a half inch short?