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We are rather heavily involved in class action litigation of all types.  Very rarely do we handle a class action without teaming up with other experienced law firms.  The amount of work, paper, and expense involved in most class actions require a level of sophistication, expertise, and commitment that requires a team of law firms.

Several years ago, my very great friend, Ed Haber of the Shapiro Haber and Urmy firm asked me to join a terrific team of law firms who were prosecuting a “merger and acquisition” case representing the minority shareholders (holding approximately 14.6 million minority shares) of the Bluegreen Corporation, a leading timeshare provider.

Our law firm teammates are some of the finest advocates and people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We especially worked very closely with, and made fast friendships with our lead counsel, Frank Diprima, and our terrific team members, Chet Waldman and Rob Plosky of the Wolf, Popper firm; Marcus Montejo, of the Prickett Jones firm; Nathaniel Orenstein of the Berman DeValerio firm; Don Enright and Elizabeth Tripodi, of the Levi and Korsinski firm; and Evan Smith of the Smith and Brodsky firm.

Our team certainly had to bring its collective “A game” to the case, because the defense was led by our very worthy opponent, Eugene Stearns, and his team of Andrea Nathan and Grey Mead, of the Stearns Weaver firm, as well as Brian Miller of the Akerman firm.

After four years of intense and contentious litigation, I’m very pleased to announce a terrific settlement, that will hopefully be approved by the Court early in September.

The class members will not have to submit any type of a claim form whatsoever, they will simply receive additional funds by check or electronic deposit into their respective brokerage accounts.

We are all very proud of this result.  If you’d like to read a copy of the notice that has been sent out to the class members, we’ve posted it on our website.  Here is the link.

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